one search to rule them all, one click to find them

Search Amazon for books and DVDs, eBay for bargains, Facebook for people, YouTube for video clips, Wikipedia for facts, and many more. Through one configurable search box.

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If ticked, each time you use Ultrasearchula your search will be opened in a seperate window
If ticked, this stops the default search being automatically set each time a different one is selected from a menu; a default search for each category can only be set whilst the 'settings' box is displayed.
If ticked, a random quote will be displayed each time you visit Ultrasearchula. You can also see more quotes by clicking on the text.
This is used in some searches where your 'location' is required. For example, Ultrasearchula uses this as a default start on 'Multimap' - simply entering your destination the search box and selecting 'Multimap' will return a route from your home to the destination.
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